After getting nothing more than a slap on the wrist in the form of a verbal and written warning, Niantic has finally brought down some justice on cheaters and bots found in Pokemon GO. As of just recent, Niantic has begun putting a Slash Marking over any and every Pokemon that was caught or obtained illegitimately through a third party application. It has been said that these Slash Marking are given to any Pokemon that was obtain in a wrongful manner since April 15, 2017, but some might even go further back than that.

Slashed Pokemon WILL NOT be able to participate in the new Gym System OR Raid Battles, they CANNOT be Evolved OR Powered-Up, and a player will receive ZERO Candy for them if they ultimately transfer these useless Pokemon. It is also expected that these Pokemon WILL NOT be able to be Traded to other players once Trading finally comes to Pokemon GO.

The majority of Supporting Characters found within this video game franchise are primarily seen in a player’s Rivals and Friends, but sometimes a Champion of a given region plays a crucial role within a game too. No matter their role of their given game, these select few are the best Pokemon has had to offer so far, and we’ll make sure to explain exactly what makes each of these characters so great!

We would like to note that these selections are in no particular order, that they are not ranked from worst to greatest. We would also like to share that at any given time, you can share your thoughts in Comments Section below each and every page. Whether you think we missed a character or nailed one of our picks, we would love to hear from you either way!

But before we begin, we’d like to share the few Supporting Characters that just missed making our list. These extras are still great characters and each of them contributed to their given games, but each just came up a little short compared to others. These characters include Cheren, Cynthia, Steven and Serena: Cheren played a unique role in the drama of Team Plasma, but he ended up being more or less a lot like what Silver already was (to a much lesser extent); Cynthia and Steven are among the most popular Pokemon Champions ever, and though each helped a trainer along the way throughout their given regions, players usually remember them as a tough trainer rather than a key supporting character; and Serena was great in the anime series, but her X/Y character came up lacking when compared to it.