Warcraft Plague That Killed Thousands of Characters

On this day eleven years ago, a terrifying plague struck Azeroth in a way many veteran World of Warcraft players will never forget. Skeletons blanketed the streets of cities as Corrupted Blood spread across continents, instantly killing low-level characters and even infecting NPCs. It was a panic-inducing, chaotic, and unintentional event that Blizzard fans fondly remember. Here’s how it happened.

When Patch 1.7.0 released on September 13, 2005, Zul’Gurub was finally available for players – and that’s where the Corrupted Blood Incident all started. Hakkar the Soulflayer, the final boss in the 20-player raid, would cast Corrupted Blood on players, a debuff that would periodically sap their life. Once it was cast on a player, the debuff would spread to others nearby; a familiar mechanic for many – but things got complicated when it was realized the debuff could exist outside of the raid.

Pets and minions would contract the disease, be dismissed, and then be summoned outside of the instance with the debuff still applied. You know how this goes. From there, the plague spread quickly from player to player. The debuff would only disappear in one of two ways: it’d eventually time out (best case scenario) or you’d unfortunately die. Higher level players could keep themselves alive, but lowbies didn’t stand a chance once they were infected.

Corrupted Blood greatly impacted cities such as Ironforge, which were littered with corpses and occupied by hundreds of ghost players too frightened to reclaim their bodies. Many avoided urban areas completely, while some just temporarily stopped playing the game. This persisted until Patch 1.8.0, which made it so pets could no longer receive the debuff and the disease could not exist outside of the instance. At last, the plague was stopped.

Inspire the first time around

Some games are so great, they should only be played once. They can still be good on subsequent playthroughs, but these five games are prime examples of experiences that exist to shock or inspire the first time around. This shouldn’t put these games in diminished standing amongst their peers, though. These games are at their fullest when they aren’t over-prodded by the ever curious gamer.

1. Bioshock: Infinite
Bioshock is a great series of narrative-heavy first person shooters that bring a particularly unique set of mechanics to the genre. It’s always fun to shoot lightning bolts out of your hands, and the game’s focus almost always tends to be how twisted and dramatic the story is – especially in Infinite.

Once you play through the last half hour of it, you can never look at Bioshock: Infinite the same way again. One of the biggest plot twists in games is when the ending is obvious, but so well executed that it remains impactful. You can never have that “first time” back, though, and romping through Columbia again will not bring you back from behind the veil.

2. Journey
The evocative and almost ethereal adventure that Journey takes players on is really only great once. When you find random travelers (other players) and investigate the incredibly elegant spaces you’re lead through, everything comes together organically. Words are replaced with visual and audio cues, and the effort to get to the end is one that will never feel powerful a second time around. Every new environment relies on some form of “WOW” factor that you can’t unsee and get re-surprised by.

3. Any Telltale Game
Telltale has their particular brand of adventure game down to a science, and almost all of their games have followed a similar format. Unfortunately, that means there’s really only room for one genuine playthrough, where you set aside the fact that you know how these narrative paths work and can almost predict what happens next because of it.

Regardless of how you feel about the game’s stories, playing it a second time shows you not only the micro effects of the actions you didn’t take, but the fact that they really don’t change the overall course of the story much at all. It can be a real bummer to pull the veil back like that.


Now you have friends to assist. More eyes, more noise, more mouths to feed. You will no doubt need to change your chosen landing spots to accommodate more players as you will need more guns and equipment. With members on your team will you will need to take into consideration the following:

Share your gear, make sure everyone has equal meds, ammo, guns. If one dies and he has all the meds, how will you retrieve them without dying too? If you have someone who is good with a sniper and you found one, let them have it, no point being greedy, could cost you that dinner. You can take the second rifle that will fall in your lap later.

You’ve spotted an enemy, you yell over voice chat to your friends, “enemy squad to our left” problem is, your teams left is your right. Everyone is panicking and getting shot, your squad wipes with only you seeing the enemy. Compass directions assist in pinpointing enemy locations, these are only helpful however, when your squad are near you, if your squad members are more than 5-10 meters away their bearings would be slightly different. Use compass bearings, generalisation, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W & NW as well as landmarks to isolate their location for your friends. Their point of views will always be different so rocks/trees may block their view, take this into consideration.

You’ve spotted an enemy squad, you need to eliminate them, how is best to do so? Should you open fire and hope for the best? No, use your squad. There are many, many ways in which you can do this however, the tried and tested method is to have 1 or 2 of your unit flank the enemy positions left and right where applicable. Just be sure to watch out for their flankers.
Placing all your eggs in one basket may be the wrong move in certain situations, where possible, split your team between two vehicles. Having 4 people in a Dacia will prove to be fatal when you run into another squad, the quickest method to take out 4 guys in a car is to blow up the vehicle. Two vehicles gives you a backup incase one is flipped, wheels are shot out or if you run out of fuel.

In the final circles make sure your squad communication is minimal, no general chit chat, you have dinner to win. Keep it short n sweet, to the point.

Just because they are your friend, does not mean they are worth saving. Only save downed teammates when you are confident you will not be killed doing so. Smokes can help in these situations as can a well placed flashbang. On occasion it may be beneficial to sacrifice a team member as a decoy, which only takes one of you to win it for the team but do not waste the opportunity.

If a teammate is down in the blue zone, unless it is the first or second zone, do not bother to revive, it is highly unlikely that they will live long enough to med up and survive, you will only cause yourself damage that you will need to waste meds to heal.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Pistols in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds mainly serve as starting weapons when you can’t find anything else and find yourself surrounded after the drop. The P18C’s full auto mode makes it deadly at the close range at the start of the game, while a well aimed headshot using the revolver can take down an enemy quickly. Once you’ve found yourself a primary and secondary there’s not much use worrying about what pistol you’re carrying.
Ammo: 9mm
Fire Rates: Semi & Full Auto
Lowest damage pistol but highest fire rate, base magazine capacity of 17. 3 headshots or 6 chest shots to kill an unarmored player.
Attachments: Magazine Extender and Quick Draw, Silencer, Red Dot
Ammo: 9mm
Fire Rates: Semi
Medium damage pistol with average firing rate, base magazine capacity of 15. 2 headshots or 4 chest shots to kill an unarmored player.
Attachments: Magazine Extender and Quick Draw, Silencer, Red Dot
Ammo: .45 ACP
Fire Rates: Semi
Medium damage pistol with higher than average firing rate, base magazine capacity of 7. 2 headshots or 3 chest shots to kill an unarmored player.
Attachments: Magazine Extender and Quick Draw, Silencer, Red Dot
Ammo: 7.62mm
Fire Rates: Semi
High damage pistol with slow firing rate, magazine capacity of 7. 1 headshot or 3 chest shots to kill an unarmored player.
Attachments: Silencer
Extremely high damage at close range that will kill even armoured players with a direct hit. Damage stats are based on all 9 pellets in each shell hitting your opponent, so adjust your expectations accordingly and make sure you land your first shot as you won’t often get a second chance.

12 Gauge
Double barrelled over/under shotgun, extremely high damage at close range, magazine capacity 2. Will kill opponents regardless of armour type if hit with all 9 pellets in chest or head.
Attachments: Choke, Bullet Loops
12 Gauge
Pump action shotgun, extremely high damage at close range, magazine capacity of 5. Will kill opponents regardless of armour type if hit with all 9 pellets in chest or head.
Attachments: Choke, Bullet Loops
12 Gauge
Semi-automatic shotgun, extremely high damage at close range, magazine capacity of 9. Will kill opponents regardless with level 2 armor or less if hit with all 9 pellets in chest or head.
Attachments: Magazine Extender and Quick Draw, Silencer, Red Dot, Holographic Sight


In this section we will be giving some general tips that will help you survive in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, as well as some in–depth guides to give you advanced tactics in the arena.

While you can figure out most of the controls for this game from the in–game menu, there are some keys that are not so obvious.

Free Look
Holding the Left Alt key will allow you to move your camera around without turning the body of your character. This allows you to look in other directions if you’re running straight for example.
Shoulder Camera
While holding right click, Q and E will change the shoulder your camera is currently looking over. By default, your camera peeks over your right shoulder so you’ll need to use this when you want to peek over your left shoulder. This lets you look around corners without showing yourself.
Quick Swapping Grenades
Pressing 5 will, by default, select your grenades, but if you press it again it will cycle through your currently available grenades.
Pressing the tab key will open up your inventory UI. Items displayed on the far left are the ones currently sitting on the ground (roughly 2 metres of your character), right of that are the items you’re currently carrying. As of when this guide was written, you can avoid the picking up animation if you drag and drop items from the ground to your inventory, a handy tactic if you want to loot fast!
Running (Slightly) Faster
While you’re not holding a gun, you run faster. You can holster your gun by pressing X. Keep in mind however that it will also take longer to get your gun out and aim if you’re fired upon.
Bike Tricks
With the introduction of the bike you can now do cool bike tricks! To do them you need to press Ctrl+Space while airborne and use your AWSD movement keys to tilt the bike.
Healing Keybinds
7, 8, 9, 0 are the default keys for healing items. In our opinion, you should probably rebind these somewhere more appropriate as these keys are quite far from your hands.
Holding the spacebar while driving allows you to perform a hard brake and can cause your vehicle to drift. Useful if trying to avoid shots if you’re under fire.
Shoulder Fire & Aiming Down Sights
Holding down right-click will aim over your shoulder and make shots more accurate (third person view). Tapping right click will aim down the sights of your gun and also make your shots more accurate.
Steadying Your Aim
Holding shift while aiming down your sights will steady your aim, and magnify your vision slightly. However, this runs out eventually as the lung meter on the bottom right will begin to drain. Once the meter depletes, you will no longer be able to steady your aim.
Seat Hopping In The Car
You can change seats in the vehicle by pressing Ctrl + 1 through 6. A handy little command that can have you hop into a passenger seat and shoot someone quickly.
Sniping Without Reloading
Holding down the button after firing from a sniper rifle will keep you scoped until you let go. This is a good way to gauge where your bullet landed and how to aim your next shot.