In this section we will be giving some general tips that will help you survive in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, as well as some in–depth guides to give you advanced tactics in the arena.

While you can figure out most of the controls for this game from the in–game menu, there are some keys that are not so obvious.

Free Look
Holding the Left Alt key will allow you to move your camera around without turning the body of your character. This allows you to look in other directions if you’re running straight for example.
Shoulder Camera
While holding right click, Q and E will change the shoulder your camera is currently looking over. By default, your camera peeks over your right shoulder so you’ll need to use this when you want to peek over your left shoulder. This lets you look around corners without showing yourself.
Quick Swapping Grenades
Pressing 5 will, by default, select your grenades, but if you press it again it will cycle through your currently available grenades.
Pressing the tab key will open up your inventory UI. Items displayed on the far left are the ones currently sitting on the ground (roughly 2 metres of your character), right of that are the items you’re currently carrying. As of when this guide was written, you can avoid the picking up animation if you drag and drop items from the ground to your inventory, a handy tactic if you want to loot fast!
Running (Slightly) Faster
While you’re not holding a gun, you run faster. You can holster your gun by pressing X. Keep in mind however that it will also take longer to get your gun out and aim if you’re fired upon.
Bike Tricks
With the introduction of the bike you can now do cool bike tricks! To do them you need to press Ctrl+Space while airborne and use your AWSD movement keys to tilt the bike.
Healing Keybinds
7, 8, 9, 0 are the default keys for healing items. In our opinion, you should probably rebind these somewhere more appropriate as these keys are quite far from your hands.
Holding the spacebar while driving allows you to perform a hard brake and can cause your vehicle to drift. Useful if trying to avoid shots if you’re under fire.
Shoulder Fire & Aiming Down Sights
Holding down right-click will aim over your shoulder and make shots more accurate (third person view). Tapping right click will aim down the sights of your gun and also make your shots more accurate.
Steadying Your Aim
Holding shift while aiming down your sights will steady your aim, and magnify your vision slightly. However, this runs out eventually as the lung meter on the bottom right will begin to drain. Once the meter depletes, you will no longer be able to steady your aim.
Seat Hopping In The Car
You can change seats in the vehicle by pressing Ctrl + 1 through 6. A handy little command that can have you hop into a passenger seat and shoot someone quickly.
Sniping Without Reloading
Holding down the button after firing from a sniper rifle will keep you scoped until you let go. This is a good way to gauge where your bullet landed and how to aim your next shot.