Being able to see your target is pretty important so set your Shadows and Foliage to very low, you’ll find it easier to spot your targets this way. Grass won’t be as tall or detailed, bushes will not be as pronounced and it will make it harder for other players to hide in.

Another fun fact about the graphics in this game is that foliage does not appear properly at certain distances. They either disappear completely or pop out awkwardly meaning other players (or yourself) can’t hide in them over long distances. This basically means try to avoid open fields as much as possible as you will have no cover what so ever.

Cornfields make excellent prone cover, even on the lowest graphics. Keep in mind however that on low graphics, foliage does not spawn at long distances meaning that you will be visible as a clear as day to snipers. So if you’re forced to make your way through a cornfield and the circle is small enough that players are not able to use 4 x scopes effectively, go prone and crawl through.

When leaping out of the plane, try to aim for roads that have “vehicle hard–spawns” (we have a handy map to show you where they are). Grab a vehicle early on and drive to a distant city that other players couldn’t possibly get too by leaping out of the plane. This way you’ll be free to loot the area without worry of being snuck up on, and if any other player does decide to follow you they will have to do it by car, thus alerting you to their approach.

If you do opt for landing at a nearby city instead, always use the Alt–look in the air to see where other players are landing. You’ll either want to steer clear of them or place yourself strategically so you can sneak up on them.

When looting it’s not a bad idea to grab some attachments for guns you hope to find in the future. You never know when you come across a handy vector or m416 and you’ve got all your attachments ready to slap on.

Try to find at least one close quarters weapon and one long range weapon. Different games perform better at different ranges and will in general kill faster in their ideal range.

Don’t underestimate the range of a shotgun in this game. Especially if you’ve given it a choke attachment. Shotguns can easily hit targets up to 15–30 meters away.