If you are always playing video games, what would you say is the dream job? Could it be getting paid to play video games as an at home game tester? What could get better than that? You are qualified for the e job if you have quite a bit of experience playing various video games. Can you do this from home though? The commute to work is a breeze when you work from home.

Some gamers will tell you that you are dreaming the impossible dream about getting game testing jobs at home. There are even game testers working directly for gaming companies that will agree. They couldn’t be more wrong. Though the majority of game tester jobs do reside within the game companies themselves, it does not mean that the game testing jobs at home are nonexistent. It all depends on the game type and the size of the game company.

Detailed research is needed to find the right job, but with patience it can be found. There are more chances of getting in company jobs than work at home jobs for game testers. A good economy means high sales which means more videos which means more testers needed. They cannot house enough at the company office. This also means that a bad economy means less work for the home based game tester as companies are trying to cut costs and get as much profit as they can. Home game testing is always needed. There are just times when it is needed more. You need to be fully aware of how the companies are responding to the economic situation.

Most home based testers tend to have a higher workload than those working in the office. They want to get as much work out of you as they possibly can. You are the one responsible for keeping the workload even and scheduling yourself so that you can meet deadlines. Home game testers are required to keep very good record and surprise calls from the company are not unheard of.

A very big perk is that unlike the ones working in-house you get to keep the game you tested. What more could a video game enthusiast ask for? You will find some companies let you keep the actual tested game. Other could give you a copy after it is released. Gamers make out either way. The tester gets to test then game, get lots of free games.

The NET has many sites that can help you learn to become a successful game tester. You can also find job postings for a few of the gaming companies at these sites. They will also help you apply for the jobs. Don’t be rash and jump to join the first site you find. Find one with a good reputation. Ask around and look at blogs that gamers are writing. If you discover a site that is reliable, it could be the best decision you made in advancing your home based job tester career. These jobs might not be easy to find, but they obviously are well worth the search. Free games! Paid to play! All of this by being a game tester at home.